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Does your church's future look just like it's past?

Nearly every day for many years of my life, I get up in the morning and ride my stationary bike down in my basement. In a virtual sense, I have been all over the United States. I have traveled thousands and thousands of miles to and from cities everywhere. But the truth is, I have never been outside the doors of my basement!

Is your church like riding my exercise bike?  Are your people working really hard, breaking a good sweat, but never seeming to make any progress? They call it "motion without mission." It is the phenomenon of always being in motion but going nowhere. Regrettably, this is the plight of many churches today. It seems that they are "locked in the prisons of previous patterns." Same routine… Sunday to Sunday, budget to budget, and meeting to meeting. 


We can help! We can help you create a new 21st century vision for your church to reach out to your community; we can help you develop a strategic plan that can help move your church forward by inspiring new ideas, and mapping out ways to achieve them.   We can help train your laity with any one of our seven powerful teaching seminars that we offer. We can help your church move into the marketplace and reach the lost for Christ. We help focus church priorities in the areas of time, talent and money.  In short, we can help position your church to make a greater impact for the gospel. We do it with these three services:

Church Consulting Solutions


Laity Alive Conferences and Seminars
Marketplace Ministry Through Evangelism
Laity Alive Videos
Take 5 Lifegroups Evangelism


Announcing a plan for home-based personal evangelism that can bring up to 50 new people to your church in five months

Leonard Albert Speaks on New Ideas for Ministry


Join Leonard as he shares some exciting new plans for evangelism and outreach for local churches everywhere

Leonard Albert "Spreaches!"


In this message Leonard asks the question: "Does Your Life Advertise Christ?" He share three ways all believers can be more effective in sharing their faith