By Leonard C. Albert. This guidebook now available in Spanish! Most every growing local church today uses small groups to allow God’s people to connect, receive instruction and fellowship in a dynamic of just a few meeting together at one time. The Share the Gospel in Three Stories Leader’s Guide explains the details of how to set up, teach and multiply small groups in the local church. We call it the “Take 5 Plan.” Take five couples for five months and teach them five lessons [from the Share the Gospel in Three Stories book] and then do it all again. The group can meet anywhere—the church, homes, restaurants etc. This guide explains how to recruit and train small group leaders for the exciting five monthly sessions. Gives all the particulars on the meeting schedule, assignments, discussion questions, and chapter overview. Shows how to effectively teach the above book on Share the Gospel in Three Stories. This valuable guide explains core values, the pastor’s role, the group leader’s role, teaching note for the five sessions and all handouts that can be duplicated and distributed to the participants. A great resource!

Share the Gospel in Three Stories Leader's Guide (Spanish)

  • Paperback 8 1/2 x 11, 68 pages.

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