By Rev. B. E. Underwood. There are hundreds of book in print about discovering and using spiritual gifts but there is not one like this easy-to-understand classic by a great church leader and educator. He does something we have not seen in a teaching on spiritual gifts: he makes a powerful distinction between ministry and manifestation gifts of the Spirit. He gives a clear understanding of these differences so that the gifts can function properly in the body of Christ. Dr. Underwood examines the lists of spiritual gifts found in the New Testament and highlights their distinctions. He leads the reader through a careful study of the characteristics of equipping ministry gifts, body ministry gift, manifestation gifts and the need for bringing all the gifts into operation in the church. A great feature of the book is the informative study questions at the end of each chapter. This book is being used around the world in classes on the gifts of the Spirit.

Spiritual Gifts Ministries and Manifestations

  • Paperback, 136 pages.

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