By Leonard Albert and Don Warrington. The altar is a place where anyone can meet with God. There is nothing more beautiful than watching people move to an altar of prayer during or after a sermon. This book helps prepare believers to know how to pray for these responders. Ministering at the Altar explains the biblical meaning of the altar and how to approach it. This teaching book reveals the complete process of how to do altar work in the church. It includes the spiritual qualifications needed, how to share the gospel, and how to deal with spiritual problems of the seeker. At the end of the book there is a reference study with scores of appropriate scriptures arranged under 64 topics such as abortion, alcohol, backsliding, bitterness, child abuse, deliverance, depression, envy, faith, grief, homosexuality, loneliness, marriage, peace, salvation and many more. You will learn how to share God's word and pray for people from "A to Z!"

Special note: this book was written especially for small group training in the local church. The goal is to train and prepare effective altar workers that will always be ready to pray for any responder.

Ministering at the Altar

  • Paperback, 80 pages.

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