By Leonard Albert. We have not forgotten our Hispanic friends! This is a book about how believers can move out from the local church and into the marketplace. It shows how they can be empowered and released for ministry. Excellence for the Rest of Us is an informative, step-by-step process of setting up a lay ministry program inside a local church in order to help believers go outside the church.

It explains a detailed organizational plan in nine easy steps involving evaluation, recruitment, spiritual gifting, small groups and teams and suggested teaching and training classes. Scores of "inreach" (church) and "outreach" (community) projects are listed with details on implementation.

In this book, Leonard Albert draws from his many years of experience in working with thousands of churches, business and community leaders in the area of equipping and mobilizing the laity to take church to the marketplace. He offers a fresh approach for reaching a contemporary society. Excellence for the Rest of Us is a workable and proven plan to help all believers become ministers of the Gospel where they live and work.

Excellence for the Rest of Us (Spanish)

  • Paperback, 182 pages.

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