We have not forgotten our Hispanic friends! We have packed this CD full of great material! It has the teaching notes designed to be used for the Communicating the Gospel Leader's Guide. It is a full nine-week study that can be easily adapted to a longer or shorter time frame and can be used in a small group study at home or church. Included in the CD are nine PowerPoint presentations that helps hold the interest of the participants. It is full of illustrations and handouts that coincide with the Communicating the Gospel Student's Guide listed in this bookstore. This CD ROM has special "notes for the instructor" that makes it easy to teach the sessions. It covers four main topic areas:

The Laborers—The Workers in the Harvest. All of God’s people are to be involved in ministry. This section shows how to mobilize and prepare laity for outreach.

The Message—The Harvest in our Personal Ministry. Teaches how to sow your Gospel “seed” that will produce a plentiful harvest. Gives a clear explanation on how to share your faith in Christ.

The Challenges—The Obstacles in Reaping the Harvest. Focuses on preparation and prayer as two effective ways to meet the challenges that occur when we step out in faith to become a personal witness for Christ. Emphasis is given on how to share a personal testimony.

The Arenas—The Harvest in Our Cities and Communities. Explains where we are to take our “good news.” For many of us, the area where Jesus wants us to minister is within walking distance. This Leader’s Guide shows us the importance of reaching our cities and neighborhoods.

Communicating the Gospel Teaching CD ROM (Spanish)

  • Single CD ROM in a jewel case. All handouts, notes, and PowerPoint presentations are included.

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