Our hearts were made for community. How can church become a place where nobody stands alone? Through small groups. Like nothing else, they provide the kind of life-giving community that builds and empowers the body of Christ and impacts the world.

Bill Donahue and Russ Robinson, two of today’s top authorities on small group ministry,  write, 'We have gone from a church with small groups . . . to being a church of small groups.' Donahue and Robinson share revealing glimpses of Willow Creek's journey to becoming a church where over 18,000 people connect in 2,700 small groups. And they tell how your church--whatever its size and circumstances--can become a place where men and women, adults and children, can experience powerful, transforming community.

Building a Church of Small Groups unpacks the vision, values, and strategies required to integrate small groups into your entire ministry. Part one presents the theological, sociological, and organizational underpinnings of small groups. You'll discover why small groups, as reflections of God's communal nature, are so vital to church health. Part two moves you from vision to practice. Here is how to develop thriving small groups based on authentic relationships, where truth and life intersect, conflict leads to growth, and skilled leaders help group members mature into fully devoted followers of Christ. Part three shows you how to identify, recruit, and train group leaders and provide them with long-term coaching and support. Finally, in part four, you'll learn how to deal with the critical process of change as your church develops its small group ministry.

Building a Church of Small Groups

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