Prayer emphasis

We don't do "template" consulting (one plan for all). God has a plan of growth and outreach for each church and the church leaders and members must first pray and hear His voice for that plan. Church revitalization begins with a church involved in earnest, concerted prayer. The prayer emphasis involves organizing a prayer team, designating a prayer room or prayer chapel, initiating a prayer chain, sponsoring "concerts of prayer," and forming a Pastor Prayer Partners group. Beginning with the leaders, our goal is to allow the church to become a "lighthouse of prayer." This effort is not restricted to just this phase of the process--prayer is a vital part of each of the three stages.

Pastoral interview

This is the beginning of the actual consulting process. It is an opportunity for the pastor to share his or her mission, vision and core strategies. We want to first know and feel the pastor's heart and get a sense of direction as to the state of the church. We ask many questions: How would you describe your church? How do you embrace change in your ministry? Do you have a plan for growth? What is the biggest obstacle to growth in your church? If you knew you could not fail, what would your dreams be for this church? We want to engage in conversation with the lead pastor to determine what's working and where there will be opportunity for improvement.

Readiness for Change Assessment Tool

When addressing the topic of change within a congregation, pastors and leaders need to start the process on the right foot. Many change initiatives fail due to poor initial planning. We provide a brief but powerful 17 question survey highlighting key areas (vision, motivation, communication, structure, morale etc.) for the lead pastor and selected leaders to help identify where the congregation is now and what potential obstacles might impact the transformation from the present to the future. Our goal is to better understand the congregation's readiness so that we can address challenges before fully engaging in the full change initiative.

Church ministry Core Values Audit

Just as a person's values speak to what is most important in their lives, a congregations' values speak to what is most important in the churches' life. We answer the question of "Who are we and why do we do what we do?" by conducting a simple 25 question survey with selected leaders and staff. This helps determine the essential values that the church embraces. The goal is to determine levels of lay involvement, acceptance to change, leadership effectiveness, and ministry mission and vision.

Summary evaluation

This is the first of two evaluations, the second one being the "Presentation of Findings" in the Consultation phase. This evaluation is a preliminary analysis of all the information currently at hand. By this time we can determine the culture of a church, their readiness for change, and their core values. We assess both the opportunities and the challenges for the church in moving forward. We talk about expectations, vision, strategy and what it all will cost including effort, time and finance. We know the church is on a journey. It is at this point we ask the question: are you ready to engage in a consultation agreement?