We do conferences in local churches!

We need churches full of ministers!

It is nearly impossible to read about any church that has had a turnaround in growth or has been through a revitalization process that has accomplished it without the laity being involved. Win Arn, the famous church growth expert says, “One thing is certain—if a church is serious about the Great Commission, the involvement of the laity is of utmost importance. The growth of a church is uniquely dependent on the laymen. The pastor who sees his role as an enabler to help the laity discover and utilize their gifts is far ahead of the pastor who tries to run the whole show.”


All growing churches have found ways to mobilize their laity. The scripture is clear on the fact that whoever we are, whatever our background or training, and whatever our position in life—God has gifted us and called us to use our gifts as servants. If we’re willing to serve, He can use us in a mighty way. Through these teaching and equipping conferences, our goal is to help lay people move into areas of ministry that will be incredibly fulfilling for them as individuals and bring new health and vitality to the church.”


In this section, you will find 15 of our best meetings designed with the local church in mind. These conferences have information and inspiration and they are the answer to the need of everyone who attends church. For those who desire to grow and mature, these events are fundamental and help mobilize every member for ministry.

*Laity Alive in the Local Church
*Training the Next Generation of Leaders
*Leadership: Vision and Venture
*Share the Gospel in Three Stories (home groups)
*Lifestyle Evangelism 
*Communicating the Gospel
*Take 5 Small Groups
*Introduction to the Cults
*The Maze of Mormonism
*What Jehovah Wants His Witnesses to Know
*The New Age Movement
Witnessing to the Cults
*Discipling Strong Men
*The Making of a Man of God
*Seven Seasons of a Man's Life**
*Dads That Make a Difference**
*How to Know and Show That the Bible is True
*Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up
*Fulfilled Prophecy
*God: Creator or Created?
*Success That Matters**
*I Will Stand With You for a Lifetime
**These seminars are taught in cooperation with Man in the Mirror Ministries