Leadership meetings and support

This is the "action" phase of the consulting process. Whenever change is involved in any church there is always the possibility of tense relationships with the lead pastor and church leaders. In order for change and subsequent growth to occur the church leaders must "be on board" with the mission and vision set by the lead pastor. We seek a bonding with church and lay leaders by conducting group conversations to talk through what's working and what needs attention. We do our best to make sure that the priorities are clear, understood and acceptable.

Laity training, teaching and support

The idea here is help the church move from "being" to "doing." Church Consulting Solutions offers fourteen different teaching seminars that provide motivation, inspiration and practical training. These seminars are presented under six main headings: evangelism, lay leadership, marriage, men, cults and apologetics. Leonard Albert is usually the presenter and he has taught these all over the world. The scheduling cost is minimal as the seminar can be taught during one of the on-site visits to the church.


Evaluation of ministry outreach and events

We constantly monitor progress through a series of checkpoints that include on-site visits, a "virtual visit" through video conferencing (Skype/Face Time etc.), phone consultation and email correspondence. Particular attention is given to the strategic plan and the quarterly timeline. We pay close attention to the proper planning and sponsoring of events. We know that events alone won't move a church forward. The "big idea" of events is to always tie them to the ultimate goal of discipleship.

Celebration event(s)

Many times a church will be great at organizing and executing the consulting plan but fail to give it all a "capstone event." After the consulting process is completed or at each 90 day point, we like to hold a celebration opportunity to express gratitude for all of the hard work done by leaders, staff and volunteers. This is the fun part of the entire process. Everyone loves to hear testimonies of what worked well and see the results of their labor.