Frequently Asked Questions


Here we provide more details about the services and products offered on our website. We wish to give clarity and full understanding of our exciting opportunities for the local church.

 01  What is the consulting fee for Church Consulting Solutions and Leonard Albert to work with my church?

Every church is unique and has a unique financial situation. It is our desire to help any willing church congregation in the area of church revitalization. We work with all churches small and large. Consultation fees are determined by the church attendance and financial status. Also, we ask for reimbursement of expenses such as travel, lodging, food and costs of survey forms and other printed forms.


 02  Do I have to sign a binding contract for Church Consulting Solutions to engage my church?

No. We do not require a formal contract. We prefer to call it an "agreement." All we ask is that the lead pastor provide a written request for the service and agree to cover agreed upon fees and expenses as described above.


 03  Can my church explore the possibility of consulting services without signing an agreement up front?

Yes. All it takes is a phone call or email request to us indicating a desire for our services. There is no cost for the first phase of Preparation. We request an invitation for a site visit and a pastoral interview. The only expense to the church is for travel expenses as mentioned above. The decisions for further consulting services and financial arrangements is made at the end of this visit.


04  What are the costs involved to schedule Leonard Albert to teach a seminar or conference at my church?

We work on a "love offering" basis. In addition, we ask that travel expenses including airfare or car expense, food and lodging are covered. All it takes to begin is a call or email request.


 05  What is the format and time requirements for the seminars and conferences offered under Laity Alive Ministries?

It takes about four hours to properly present the four lectures that are a part of each of the seminars. The best format is on a Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. or from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Sunday afternoon also works fine for some churches.


 06  What is "Marketplace Ministry" and how can it help my church?

We give a broad definition to this term. To us, marketplace ministry refers to evangelism or other Christian activities that take place beyond the four walls of the church. It is vital to church growth and outreach because it allows God's people to connect with the unchurched in the workplace and in the community where they live work and play.