Church Consulting Solutions

Three phase process

We in the church world have our work cut out for us. We are told that up to 80% of the churches in the USA are either plateaued or in decline and only 6% are growing faster than their community population rates. People are farther away from understanding biblical truth because of pluralism and lack of knowledge and experience. In the book, The American Church in Crisis, David Olson says that only about 17.5% of Americans actually attend church on any given weekend. Now this is a crisis!


Church Consulting Solutions can help! We have designed an effective process in three stages to assist in assessing where the church is now, fashioning a vision for a new direction of where the church could be, determining critical areas of need and putting together an action plan that will help the church reach it's goals. As a leader, you will see the ministry and outreach of your church from a new perspective, learn how to create a core plan tied to a unified vision, prepare leaders, involve laity and move forward. Here are the three phases (click on each for more details):

Prayer emphasis
Pastoral interview
Assessment tools
Core Values audit
Summary evaluations
Six areas of consulting
Leadership / staff meetings
Facility tour / church history
Church Health Survey
Presentation of findings
Strategic one-year plan
Leadership team meetings
Laity training and teaching
Creation of ministry events
Evaluation of progress
Celebration event